Cimolai S.p.A.

CIMOLAI’s core business is steel in all its form: from bridges, buildings and stadiums, to naval, machinery, marine works, piping, defence. The company is capable to satisfy the requirements of any project from the concept to connection details. CIMOLAI workshops, both involved in design, manufacturing and R&D activities, have an annual production capacity of over 120.000 tons. CIMOLAI works with certified welders, uses continuous quality control during the whole fabrication process, from material acceptance to final controls, in multiple markets (e.g. bridges, buildings, special projects, pipes, envelopes, stadiums and arenas, marine).


Alessandro Catanzano

He is the design director of CIMOLAI, experienced in the design of steel bridges, special large structures, assembly, construction and heavy lifting and transport, maritime heavy transport design, fixed and moving steel equipments, heavy maritme transport with barges, and heavy transport vessels.