IMDEA Materials Institute

IMDEA Materials Institute

IMDEA Materials Institute is a non-profit research institute devoted to perform research in Materials Science and Engineering in Madrid, holding an established international reputation in the areas of processing, microstructural analysis and mechanical characterization of advanced metallic materials. IMDEA Materials Institute has been actively involved in steel research since the moment of its foundation. Also, IMDEA has been involved in several RFCS projects both as Coordinator and Beneficiary.


Ilchat Sabirov

Head of research group on physical simulation of metallurgical processes. His research group is active in the areas of advanced high strength steels (AHSS) for industrial applications and joining of dissimilar materials. He has published over 100 research articles in the area of metallurgy, which have received over 3500 citations.

Maria Teresa Perez Prado

Head of research group on sustainable metallurgy. Dr. Pérez-Prado is actively involved in research related to additive manufacturing. She has published over 140 research articles in the area of metallurgy, which have received over 5900 citations.

Alberto Álvarez

Project manager at IMDEA Materials. Having a degree in Forestry Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid, Alberto has experience working on R&D proposal preparation and managing projects at the financial and administrative levels. He will assist the IMDEA researchers regarding all the non-scientific issues arising from the project.

Andrew Johnston

Andrew Johnston is a Communications Specialist with a background in journalism, and corporate communications. His role includes carrying out communicative activities designed to highlight the work of projects such as ConstructAdd in industry publications and among the general public in order to foster a greater level of knowledge and awareness of science and research in society.