MIMETE metal powders

MIMETE is a metallic powder production company, producing spherical, gas atomized metal powders optimized for additive manufacturing applications. MIMETE fulfils the requirements of demanding industries thanks to its ISO 9001 & EN 9100 certification for metallic powder production for general, aviation, space and defence industry.


Vasile Luchin

Graduated in Materials and Nanotechnology Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, Vasile is member of MIMETE’s technical development team where he analyzes the client product requirements and provides assistance to the production team. He enthusiastically joined ConstructAdd team to bring his knowledge and expertise for the successful realization of the project.

Francesca Bonfanti

A metallurgist with experience on manufacturing and failure analysis. She is Manager of the Technical Development Department, the team that receives requirements on the products and through complete knowledge of MIMETE capabilities transfers them to the production team. She also coordinates research and development activities whose aim is the continuous improvement of the quality of the product.